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Teaching About Sexuality and HIV
Principles and Methods for Effective Education, by Evonne Hedgepeth and Joan Helmich, NYU Press, 1996

Teaching About Sexuality and HIVThe Sexuality Information and Education Council of the US (SIECUS) has named this book "one of the 35 books written in the past 35 years that have influenced our understanding of human sexuality and sexuality education," and the "most comprehensive book to date to help teachers and community health educators understand the 'how' and 'why' of effective HIV/AIDS prevention and sexuality education."

SIECUS Report, Vol. 27, No. 4, April/May 1999.


*****A truly great resource
"I wish I could provide this book to everyone who teaches about sexuality and HIV, as well as those who make policy, funding, administrative, and other decisions about sexuality and/or HIV education. This is the single best resource on this topic in existence for new educators and veterans.

It's all here: theoretical foundations for educational programs; descriptions, definitions and samples of a wide range of teaching/training methods (enough lectures, already!); how-to-choose which methods, when, why, and for whom; and a historical and current context for sexuality education. This comprehensive content is presented in a variety of ways, including real stories, some funny, some sad, all well-chosen to illustrate and enrich the valuable teachings.

If you're only going to buy one resource on sexuality/HIV education, make it this one."

Sandy Rice from Austin, TX USA, reader's review from


"At last, a thorough, comprehensive reference for sexuality/HIV educators/trainers that is theory-based but still practical. It not only explains concepts and suggests tools but it explains how to use them. The authors have managed to strike a rare balance: addressing the needs and questions of newer educators/trainers while still providing the more seasoned professional with useful information, background and insights. This will be a useful resource for those just starting out in the field, to those who are self trained and 'flying by the seat of their pants' and those who want/need to refresh the 'why and wherefore' behind the work they do."

Wayne Pawlowski, nationally recognized sexuality trainer and educator


"At last! A comprehensive resource book that successfully integrates the theory and practice of sexuality. Teaching about Sexuality and HIV provides a much-needed text for the field and will become a daily companion for all of us who are committed to providing education that enables people to understand, make wise decisions about, and celebrate their sexuality."

Peggy Brick, nationally recognized speaker on sexuality education


"Finally, a book about sexuality education that recognizes that the less often quantified outcomes of sexuality education may be as important as the measurable successes. Teaching about Sexuality and HIV should be required reading for everyone teaching about sexuality . . . or any of its component issues, such as abstinence, sexual harassment and HIV. This book is thoughtful and scholarly and, at the same time, very practical. It is a sorely needed reference volume for a professional under justifiable, but daunting, scrutiny. Hedgepeth and Helmich deserve our thanks for delivering so current, so complete and so helpful a text."

Beth Reis, MS, author of Family Life and Sexual Health

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Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy ChoicesThis comprehensive, integrated human development/sexuality education curriculum for ages 14-21 is the best of its kind, with 63 theory-based lessons reinforcing conceptual and skill-based threads throughout eight topic units including an Introduction, Life Cycle, Sexual Health, Gender, Attraction, Relationships, Exploitation and Violence, and Families.

Although originally developed for high risk and incarcerated youth, by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, Making Healthy Choices has attracted the attention of numerous school districts, which will use it with general high school populations, especially in alternative programs.

Lifespan Education staff designed the curriculum, trained a cadre of faculty, and conducted the formative pilot-testing on five of the units. We are available to design site-appropriate staff trainings on this unusual and cutting edge curriculum.


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Thanks for your interest in the "Making Healthy Choices" curriculum. As one of the authors, I'm glad to know you are considering this curriculum for use in your school, health department or organization.

To order a copy of the curriculum, your best bet is to do so on-line with the Washington State Department of Printing, which publishes the document for the Wa. St. Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration.

Here's how to purchase this curriculum online:

  1. Click here to open the WA State Dept. of Printing web site in a new window.

  2. Click the I'm New button and create a new account if you have not used this web site before. If you already have an account, click the Been Here button and log in.

  3. Click on Manuals, then click on Department of Social and Health Services, then click on Making Healthy Choices Curriculum.

  4. Click on [Add to Cart] to purchase a copy. Proceed as you would with any other shopping-cart web site.

Good luck to you. If you have trouble getting on-line or need to call in your order, or if you simply have other questions regarding obtaining a copy, you may call Jennifer Forte at the Dept. of Printing at 360-570-5022

If you are interested in obtaining staff training on the curriculum, please contact me.

Affirming vs. Promoting

Some people wonder why it is appropriate to address issues of sexual diversity in the workplace as part of an agency’s diversity program. Here are some good reasons:

  • About 1 in 10 employees identifies as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, though they be “invisible” to the observer.
  • Many more employees have GLBT children, family members and friends.
  • Homophobia is a form of prejudice that negatively affects employee morale and job performance, as well as client services.
  • GLBT employees may be victimized by inappropriate comments and jokes, threats, destruction of personal property and even assaults by other employees.

Most organizations realize that having all employees feel included and respected in their work environment ultimately affects the “bottom line.” When diversity training does not appropriately address these issues, GLBT people feel they don’t really count in the organization. Sexual diversity training sends a strong message that all employees are valued members of the team.

Managers face a special challenge in acknowledging the rights of individuals to hold their own beliefs about this issue while creating an inclusive environment for everyone. The manager-specific version of this training addresses such topics as promoting professional behaviors among all staff, dealing with opposition to inclusive policies, ensuring that GLBT client needs are appropriately addressed, and articulating the difference between “affirming” diversity and “promoting” a particular group.  

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